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I'm Saram, also known as Myrdéliz.

I'm an 21 year old artist from Puerto Rico, currently living in the Youngstown, Ohio area.

Previously lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where I started my career.

Storytelling, filmmaking, photography, art and music are some things I'm passionate about.

I like to focus on color, sound and emotion to draw people into thought-provoking conversations. I write in a way that makes people analyze their own actions. I’ve always liked to go to the ‘society and psychology’ side of things. I disrupt the culture of making assumptions, discrimination, injustice and inequality. I talk about individuality, fluidity, openness and acceptance. I explore the human experience and communication. I think people’s stories have so much value, I love diversity and learning about society and communities. I start conversations on the way we react to things and why we act the way we do. I’ve talked about gender and analyzed their “roles” in society, stereotypes, injustices, etc. I’d like to expand more on topics like this, amplifying voices is extremely necessary.


I love art, there are so many ways to express my feelings through it and I want to share my experiences and connect with people. Cinematography is something that I’ve always thought makes a connection between audience and art. Things that inspire me a lot are Netflix shows, LGBTQIA+ media, K-Pop videos,  and artists.


Saram (사람)

[sa-ram] • Korean noun

person, people

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